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Senior travel educational adventures with Elderhostel.

Educational travel for a senior travel person does not necessarily mean sitting in a classroom. It can include walking along the narrow streets of Old Quebec and immersing yourself in its rich culture, taking a day trip along the famous Appalachian Trail, or riding Switzerland’s rail system as its comfortable rail cars wind their way through the alpine countryside. educational-travel-for-seniors Last week, our senior educational travel section took us to Guatemala where we studied Spanish in one of their many language schools. This week, we will experience the world on an Elderhostel educational program.

A not-for-profit organization, Elderhostel’s Education programs offer opportunities for the elderly travel person who is passionate about lifelong learning. No senior travel group or educational travel club can compete with what they offer. Check them out at They offer over 8,000 educational tours to more than 90 countries for persons looking for a senior travel deal. It doesn’t matter whether you travel as a couple or are a single senior travel person there is something for everyone. It’s even possible to apply for a scholarship to further decrease the cost of a program. Check out their under $600 tours. Even though they are discounted in price they do not discount the learning experience.


I can’t imagine not finding something of interest for every senior citizen traveler from such a diversified list of experiences offered. The range of programs seems to be infinite and is constantly being added to on a regular basis. Some of the newest tours include Pathways to Healing from Within on the Bay of Fundy, City Discoveries in Florence, Italy, Exploring the wilds of Florida in a kayak or an ocean cruise that shows you the Hidden Jewels of the Indian Ocean on one of their Adventures Afloat Programs. Their expert tour leaders take you on excursions to the most fascinating of locations that often includes lectures from locals who are extremely knowledgeable about their environment and provide an opportunity for a more personal learning experience. senior train travel If you can carry your own luggage, climb a few stairs and walk to the classroom you can attend any program available while those who wish to have a faster paced activity and have a higher level of fitness there are plenty of strenuous, challenging activities for you. The programs range from opportunities of discovery, learning a new skill, independent travel, outdoor adventures, and liberal arts programs. If you are interested in sharing a learning opportunity with a young person or grandchild they have something for you too. Elderhostel does take care of the details by looking after your accommodation and most meals but you will have to look after your own senior travel insurance and travel reservations.

Pick any country of interest, find the tours within your personal budget and activity level and you will definitely be rewarded with a fabulous opportunity. Take advantage of Elderhostel’s commitment to provide lifelong learning opportunities for people mostly over the age of 50. There’s something for everyone and even more important there are no tests to write or grade to pass.

Come with us next week’s a surprise!

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