Seniors in Paris

Great travel deals are available for seniors in Paris. France accommodates and welcomes the elderly traveler by offering many senior travel deals to make your trip more economical and inviting. It doesn’t matter whether the senior person travels independently or with a senior travel group - there are many discounts available.

It is impossible to be in Paris and not visit a few of the many monuments and museums scattered throughout the region. Louvre Museum is one of the favourites due to its 35,000 works of art covering over 60,000 square meters of exhibition space. If your senior travel club wishes to book in advance there won’t be any line-ups to contend with and a personalized guide is provided. Dame-Cathedral

The majestic Notre Dame Cathedral is an absolute must for all elderly travelers. The building of it started in 1163 and was completed by 1250. Imagine the history surrounding this example of French Gothic architecture. Over 13 million people visit this very active Catholic Church and should definitely be on everyone’s list of “must see” destinations.

The view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower is fabulous and there is no need to worry, no one expects you to climb to the top. There are elevators and even guided tours teaching you some of the history of the tower and show the senior travel person a bunker that was hidden under the Champ de Mars.


A Paris Pass can be purchased giving free entry into many attractions, museums and monuments. Take a Seine River Cruise and experience a wine tasting tour ~ it’s all possible with the Paris Pass. It also includes free public transportation and unlimited travel on the metro, buses and RER. It is advertised as “your one stop shop for everything you need” and I have a tendency to agree. The more activities you partake in and attractions you visit mean more savings. Two, four and six day passes are available.

There are other excellent travel deals such as the Euro Tour Pass which offers discounts to the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Paris and many sightseeing tours. By utilizing the French Railway system during low traffic days of the week you may receive a 25% discount off the fare. Many of the museums and monuments may have a reduced entrance fee for persons over the age of 60. Be prepared to provide ID in the form of a passport or other official document.

When I think of Paris, I picture myself sitting at a sidewalk table at a local Brasseries (coffee shop) drinking my espresso coffee and watching the world walk past. Grab a map and an area guide book and plan your trip. By taking advantage of the many discounts available for senior travelers the costs should be greatly reduced. I am sure if you are sitting at any of the outdoor cafes and enjoying your tasty espresso you will see many other seniors in Paris doing the same thing you are ~ enjoying themselves.

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