Today's modern world is both a challenge and an opportunity for the senior citizen. And, it can be a little confusing as well, with "60 is the new 40" attitude, dot-coms everywhere, and life moving a little faster than we can sometimes keep up with.

Well, this online magazine is going to slow things down somewhat. We have some real experience on our staff and can offer something for every senior citizen. Whether you're looking for plain advice on senior's health, estate planning, or even (dare we say?) dating for seniors, we'll offer the best tips & reviews for our senior audience.

You'll get to know our writers who have seen it all, and are eager to share some of the "sweet stories of aging". And our other contributors will offer stories of travel, friendship, and optimism for the years that lie ahead.

On the other end of the spectrum, we will provide more technical information, such as law, investment, technology and more, but always with a skew toward the older adult.

This online magazine is written for a senior audience - say, aged 70 years and over (not necessarily targeted to the 55 year old recent retiree) although there are pearly gems within these pages for any age. Dig in, even if you're not an "elderly" elder.

We are eager to contribute to the robust society of the senior citizen. Many other writers (and hopefully you, the reader) will contribute to make this a friendly & social gathering place for The Elderly Elder.

Best Regards,

The Publisher & Staff